Single in the City

“All the men are either married, gay, or dead” has often been the complaint of San Francisco’s single women. Not at tonight’s party, which is based on a singles organization decades ago in SF called “Single, Straight, & Breathing.” Once a week the women would host a party in The City at one of their homes. The catch was that each woman would have to bring 2 men who were “single, straight, and breathing” in order to be welcome. Eventually the group was disbanded because all the women found a man!

After several decades, we resurrect this concept at tonight’s party. While women are welcome to come unaccompanied, it would be great if each woman brought along at least one bachelor with whom she is NOT romantically involved (brother, father, son, cousin, co-worker, next door neighbor, ex-husband, etc.)

DETAILS: Sunday, November 3, 2019, 4-6pm. $10 at the door includes a FUN Mixer Game, accompanied by light appetizers, served at 4pm, as long as they last. The free food may be gone quickly, so come early! Adults of all ages welcome. Dress to impress.

LOCATION: Coin-Op, 508 Fourth Street at Bryant, San Francisco CA. Coin-Op used to be the large Drake Nightclub. We have room for a big crowd, so please invite as many singles as possible! Conveniently located near BART, CalTrain, and MUNI. Free street parking in SF on Sundays!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an inclusive party, so adults of all ages, all ethnic groups, and all orientations are welcome.

CO-SPONSORED by The Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest non-profit singles organization; and many other singles organizations and meetups.

This is a fundraiser for The Seva Foundation,, to restore sight to the blind. Every $50 we raise at the party finances a cataract surgery for one blind person in one of the poor countries of the world! So please invite all of your single friends!